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Big Dog/Norman Maine Publishing, LLC
P.O. Box 1401
Rapid City, SD 57709
FAX: 605-791-0186


New Comedy

From Hair to Eternity:  The Unbe-weave-able Adventures of Rapunzel

By Tommy Jamerson

COMEDY.  There’s a witch, a spell, and lots of radishes in this wildly wacky adaptation of “Rapunzel.”  Locked in a tower by a witch, Rapunzel’s boring life comes to an end when she meets a prince who wants to rescue her from the tower and marry her even if he has to have a witch for a mother-in-law.  When the Witch discovers that the Prince has been secretly visiting Rapunzel, she punishes Rapunzel by cutting her long lovely locks and giving her the dreaded, abysmally appalling hairdo…“The Mullet of Doom”! This hair-raising, unbeweaveable comedy has a minimum set and is perfect for touring groups.


New Full-Length

The Night Titus Barnaby Muttered "Macbeth"

By Kristian Kissel

FARCE/MYSTERY.  Several actors converge at a country inn to rehearse A Midsummer Night’s Dream for their annual Countryside Shakespeare performance.  They meet their new cast member, a shoe store owner, Titus Barnaby, who, much to their horror, inadvertently mutters “Macbeth,” placing a curse on their production.  The laughs never end in this fast-paced comedy featuring an ensemble cast and unlimited opportunities to showcase physical humor.


Need Help?

Need Help?

We’re here to help you select the perfect play for your needs.   Just e-mail us with your questions including the number and breakdown of your cast (male and female roles), the length of the show, and the type of show (drama, farce, mystery, comedy, etc.), and we will be happy to help you narrow down your choices and steer you in the right direction. 




We've Moved!

We have relocated our offices to Rapid City, SD.  Please make note of our new contact info: 

Big Dog/Norman Maine Publishing, LLC

PO Box 1401, Rapid City, SD 57709

605-791-0186 (fax)

Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-4 p.m. (Mountain time)


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Short Play Collection

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New One-Act

Love of One's Neighbor

By Stella Chester

FARCE.  Tourists from all over the world have gathered at a popular mountain destination eager to witness a man fall from a rocky ledge.  The man has been stranded for two days, but no one seems interested in rescuing him.  Instead, the curious onlookers idle away the hours placing bets on when the man will fall and fighting over the best spots to view the event.  In this circus-like setting, vendors hawk souvenirs and refreshments, a newspaper correspondent “interviews” the man, a Salvation Army band performs, and photographers ready their cameras for the perfect shot.  The laughs never end!