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Traffic Jelly

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Traffic Jelly
One-Acts 20

By: R. Eugene Jackson
Cast: 1 M, 3 F
Performance Time: Approximately 30 minutes, 30 pgs

Traffic Jelly

FARCE/SATIRE. It’s the near future and the streets are so clogged with vehicles that traffic has only moved three inches in three days. As Portia gets ready for her big date, she realizes she is out of mascara and sends her brother-in-law, Carson, to buy some at a drugstore just three blocks away. Five hours later, Carson still has not returned. Worried, Portia and her sister, Liz, turn on the TV to get the latest traffic and smog alert. Reporter Stephanie Stevens, whose hair is disintegrating from the smog, reports that Carson has caused a 954-car pileup outside the drugstore. Bloodied and shaken from the accident, Carson hoofs it home through the thick smog to deliver the mascara only to find out he got the wrong color! An over-the-top romp!

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Please remember it is necessary to purchase one script for each cast member and one royalty for each performance.

Scripts: $6.95 each
Royalty: $60.00/performance
Prompt Book: $13.00
Poster Package: $50.00 (50/pkg)
Distribution Rights: $60.00
Artwork Rights: $50.00
Play Pack: $152.00  (7 scripts for cast/crew, 1 royalty, 50 posters, 1 prompt book)

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R. Eugene Jackson
During his career of teaching drama on the university level, R. Eugene Jackson has written more than 100 plays and musicals (books and lyrics), and has close to 80 publications. Jackson lives and writes in Mobile, AL, and spends part of his time in New Orleans.